The goal of the game is to unlock and build relationships with all the characters and revive the old college into an over the top banging sex-filled dream for everybody.  Are you ready to create your own playground, and play matchmaker as much as you want?

Discover the most exciting hentai animated sex scenes that will make all your fantasies come to life! Get to know all your girls and get ready to unlock the most exciting sex scenes in the entire campus! Good news is that you can come back to those steamy moments whenever you like by accessing the Comic Book Store!  

Build your own fully customizable campus! Get to know all the characters and play the role of the magical matchmaker! 

17 different girls and 3 boys with distinctive personalities and unique sex scenes! Charm the girls and build up your relationships with them! Complete hundreds of funny and creative quests, and always get ready to fulfill all your fantasies! That’s right, you lucky animal! Welcome to College Life.

Released On





Adults Only


Web GL, Android


Simulation, Casual, Dating Sim

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