Hiring UI/UX Artist

We are looking for a new UI/UX Artist.

– Create and present visually appealing interfaces and high-quality visuals that meet the Game’s needs.
– Strong knowledge in related tools such as illustrator, photoshop, Adobe XD.
– Create wireframes and flow charts that clearly convey the flow of the game.
– Create UI/UX flows that focus on player interaction.
– Excellent knowledge of Unity. 
– Be able to work with the Engineering team to export and integrate assets.


– Solid artistic knowledge to fit videogame interface aesthetics.
– Collaborate with cross-functional teams including Programmers,Concept Artist, Modellers, and Game designers.
– Stay on top of the latest standards, best practices, and trends in the Visual Design field.
– 2+ years of experience as a UI/UX design

If you have any questions please let us know in talento@timba.co

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